Expert Session Series – The Future of Medicine: Oncology

Date: 25th June, 2021

We’re delighted to host a third Expert Session series exploring further the Future of Medicine.  This series will delve into the topic of Oncology – it’s diagnosis and treatment and the impact Covid has had on this.

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Voices of Pharma Series

Date: 1st July, 2021

While the past year and a half has been extremely challenging, it has demonstrated a need to evolve the previous model of engagement. Research has shown that future engagement strategies will not simply be a case of digital v face-to-face. Instead there needs to be a holistic blending of approaches – multi-channel or omni-channel engagement.  This round table discussion with pharma leaders will discuss a number of topics and answer questions from the attendees. 

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Annual General Meeting

Date: 6th July, 2021

The 2021 AGM will be held online again this year – please register here.

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