Expert Session Series – The Future of Medicine: Genomics & Personalised Medicines

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Date Wednesday, May 19th , 2021
Time 8:00 am - 9:00 am

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While we’re all generally in agreement that Genomics and Personalised Medicines are the future for our industry, it’s also a pretty daunting area!  For the majority of us, once we start hearing about genome sequencing and ultra-rare diseases our brains just switch off.  Well NOW is the time to change that!  We’ve created a “Genomics 101” Expert Session which will bring attendees through from a landscape overview, to commercial considerations and finally the impact on patients.  For anyone who’s company is involved in this space, or just wants to stay in-touch with the market, this will be a must-attend series!

The series will be one hour sessions taking place over 3 weeks each one building on the next.  This is effectively a 3 hour mini-masterclass presented in 1 hour bite-sized chunks. 

As before, each session will be recorded and available to those registered afterwards for those unable to attend any or all the three sessions live, or if you just want to remind yourself of content! 


IQVIA produced an excellent white paper which was published in May last year which gives a great foundation level of knowledge on genomics and a broad view of trends.  Well worth reading! Click here to download it.  


Series Structure: 

Week 1 – May 5th, 8am – 9am – View of the landscape

Joanne Hackett, Head of Genomics & Precision with IQVIA

Drawing on her extensive background as a clinical academic, entrepreneur, investor and strategic visionary with global experience  – Joanne will give a view of:

            • the genomics landscape
            • trends across Europe 
            • therapy areas most transformed by genomics
            • what the future holds



Week 2 – May 12th, 8am – 9am – View from Industry 

Mary Maguire, Lead Personalised Medicines with Roche

Mary will give attendees an overview of the personalised medicines area from a commercial viewpoint.  During her talk Mary will cover:

            • personalised medicines in oncology
            • how personalised medicines are transforming the treatment of rare disease
            • predictions for the future 



Dr Robert Lumsden, Business Development Director – Genuity Science 

Building on from Mary’s talk Rob will give attendees an understanding of the commercial considerations of genomics and their impact on various therapy areas.   He will also talk about best practice, trends and some of the projects Genuity (formally Genomics Ireland) are currently engaged in. 





Week 3 – May 19th, 8am – 9am  – View from HCP’s

Prof Sally Ann Lynch, Consultant Clinical Geneticist with Children’s Hospital Ireland & Mater Hospital

A passionate educator, Sally Ann will give attendees an overview of:

            • disease gene identification and its translation into the clinical setting
            • impact of genomics and personalised medicines in how rare diseases are treated
            • trends and future predictions
            • best practice in the treatment of rare diseases



Dr James O’Byrne Consultant Clinical/Biochemical Geneticist with Mater Hospital

James is one of the few Biochemical & Geneticists in Ireland. He is currently supporting the development of a number of genetic initiatives across a number of specialties including:
• ophthalmology
• cardiology
• neurology
• gastrointestinal cancer

A fellow passionate educator, James is a Consultant Clinical/Biochemical Geneticist (Temporary), based in the Adult Metabolic Unit at the Mater Hospital. As well as discussing the impact of genetic medicines in the specialities above, he will also share his insights into the HSE’s plans for a genomic service in Ireland.




Fiona O’Hara, Commercial Director, Solutions – IQVIA Ireland

 Fiona will also be joining each of the sessions.  During her talks she’ll be outlining the trends in this area, HCP engagement and what therapy areas will be affected by such collaborations in the future. 



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Date: 19/05/2021