Interview advice for employers

Anne Fanthom, Managing Director, Recruitment Plus

This video will give you tips to ensure you maximise the outcome of the interview process.

  • Prepare for the interview- familiarise yourself fully with the cv
  • Have a detailed job description which allows evaluation of candidates’ skill set versus the job requirements and less focus on personal details. Use a rating scale.
  • Focus on key competencies ie communication, attention to detail, team player.
  • Key takeaways: employer preparation for interview, detailed job description, engage with candidates, key competencies identification & rating scale
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How to Manage an Employee's Development

Deirdre Cullivan, HR Consultant

From this video you will learn:

  • Good performance management links individual objectives to the organisation’s overall mission and goal
  • Performance management must be a continuous, cyclical process
  • Agreed standards for performance, behaviour and values are vital to success
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